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Mephitic Lumpen Soporiphic
by Ed Bottomley

There has been an explosion of writing on the subject of US soccer ever since Becks decided to join the LA Galaxy. A constant stream of articles from the Guardian…read more…

Fame in sixty seconds
by Ed Bottomley

With one minute remaining, an anonymous youngster shuffles on. His smooth cheeks glow an embarrassed vermillion. Fans sigh. The boy touches the ball just twice. He traps the ball dead,…read more…

Searching for our "sonofabitch"
by Ed Bottomley

The story goes that when someone presented U.S. President Franklin D Roosevelt with the disgraceful abominations of his ally, the Nicaraguan dictator Somoza, he reportedly said: “He may be a…read more…

LA Galaxy: Premiership Football Is Worse Than The MLS
by Ed Bottomley

Alexi Lalas obviously has a huge chip on his shoulder, perhaps replacing the iridescent orange facial hair he used to have. A few weeks ago Alexi caused a stir, by…read more…

RE:How Can Everton Ever Really Catch Up To Liverpool?
by Ed Bottomley

Let’s start off with a correction – Everton are not the younger brother – Everton are older than Liverpool – in fact Liverpool came out of Everton, so any filial…read more…

Police & Thieves – AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool
by Ed Bottomley

AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool I have always had a soft spot for the Rossoneri, my dad and I used to watch Italian football on lazy languid Sundays – and AC…read more…

The Business End of the Season
by Ed Bottomley

606 Saturday 28th April 2007 Nigel, Merseyside Because from the Kop End to the Clock End, Its all about dividends and American friends…. Hello Mr Kroenke, it’s Arsene’s mate David…read more…

McCarthyism in the UK.
by Ed Bottomley

It is strange how situations end up flipping, cart-wheeling onwards through time; on February 9, 1950, Joe McCarthy said famously: “I have here in my hand a list of 205—a…read more…

Desert Island Kicks

You’re stranded on a desert island, what footballing memories would you take with you?

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Goodison Raw

Focus on the facts not the rhetoric

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