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Cahill Is One Of Many Reasons Why Everton Can Beat Liverpool
by Ed Bottomley

Whilst bearded goon Rafa Benitez is weeping to all and sundry about his team’s lack of form, Everton are calmly preparing for Saturday’s game at Goodison and have been given…read more…

Everton vs Liverpool – Let Battle Commence
by Ed Bottomley

It’s the big one boys – no I’m not talking about England-Estonia – I am talking about Everton-Liverpool and yet another chance to kick those upstart rotation fiends into touch.…read more…

Sheffield Wednesday – Everton – TEAM NEWS

With the main issue being will the Yak play, and secondly, will he listlessly meander around the pitch like a jet lagged tourist in a crowded airport, our sneaky Dutch…read more…

West Ham & Kieron Dyer, a marriage consummated on the treatment table.
by Peter Bottomley

West Ham midfielder Kieron Dyer, a recent £7 million acquisition from Newcastle United, succumbed to a double fracture to his right leg yesterday. Dyer, who is as well known for…read more…

Everton 1-1 Blackburn
by Ed Bottomley

Roque Santa Cruz & Benni McCarthy cost £6million in total, Yakubu has cost Everton nearly double that but if he performs as well as either of those two it will…read more…

Moyes in last chance transfer saloon.
by Ed Bottomley

This Saturday Manuel Fernandes left Everton in the lurch; instead flying to Valencia and signing within hours for the Spanish side. It is really unclear whether Moyes, Kenwright, the FA,…read more…

Reading 1-0 Everton; The Song Remains The Same
by Ed Bottomley

When David Moyes took over at Everton he instituted a simple but brilliant rule. If you play well you will stay in the team. This rule has galvanized Everton over…read more…

Tottenham 1-3 Everton: Familiarity Breeds Success
by Ed Bottomley

Tottenham 1-3 Everton IKEA is a strange place, some furniture is cheap and other items are extortionate; it is often very hard to tell which is which. As husbands sleepwalk…read more…

by Ed Bottomley

Everton 2-1 Wigan
by Ed Bottomley

The first game of the season is often a worrying one, with occasional thrashings dispensed, and jittery defeats a definite possibility, but this was in the end a relatively comfortable…read more…

“You don’t have to be crazy to blow $30 million in 30 days. But it helps.”
by Ed Bottomley

“Feed the Yak and he will score” …so goes the chant and with Everton’s need to bolster their strike force Yakubu would certainly be a great signing. Perhaps Everton could…read more…

Desert Island Kicks

You’re stranded on a desert island, what footballing memories would you take with you?

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