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60 Greatest Everton Players: #31. Warney Cresswell
by Ed Bottomley

(1927–36) 306 appearances, 1 goal “You cannot beat this side by charging; you can’t get near them to deliver your charge; you must apply brains, and if they beat you, well they…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #32. Bobby Collins
by Ed Bottomley

(1958-62) 147 appearances, 48 goals Collins was only 5ft 4in, his career at Everton was only four years, and yet he made a lasting impression. An inside forward with amazing…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #33. Derek Mountfield
by Ed Bottomley

(1982-88) 148 appearances, 24 goals “…he scored an incredible amount of goals. He was a bit like John Hurst – a magnet – or years later, Joleon Lescott.” – Howard Kendall…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #34. Sam Chedgzoy
by Ed Bottomley

(1910-26) 279 appearances, 33 goals Ellesmere Port born Chedgzoy can claim to be the main catalyst for the corner-kick rules that were highlighted years ago with the corner kick controversy…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #35. Paul Bracewell
by Ed Bottomley

(1984-89) 95 appearances, 7 goals “Brace complemented Peter Reid perfectly. Their understanding was terrific right from the start and you could almost guarantee that if somebody got past Reidy, Paul…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #36. Tommy Wright
by Ed Bottomley

(1964-73) 371 appearances, 4 goals Pugnacious Tommy Wright was a product of Merseyside and had already been recognised as an England schoolboy when he joined Everton. When he wasn’t fiercely…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #37. Gary Lineker OBE
by Ed Bottomley

(1985-86) 52 appearances, 38 goals “There’s no doubt at all that Everton was the best team I ever played in.” For months the Gwladys Street looked upon Andy Gray’s replacement…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #38. Andrei Kanchelskis
by Ed Bottomley

52 appearances, 20 goals I remember the long drawn out process of signing Andrei Kanchelskis. It was tortuous. First beating off rivals for his signature – Middlesbrough and Liverpool were…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #39. Johnny Morrissey
by Ed Bottomley

(1962-72) 311 appearances, 50 goals “We went into Liverpool, and Bally gave me some of the best advice anyone could give. ‘Don’t take the ball of Johnny Morrissey in training.’…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #40. Andy Gray
by Ed Bottomley

(1983-85) 68 appearances, 22 goals “Goodison brought out the best in me. Everything about it – the fans, the team, the history of centre forwards – was right. It was…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #41. Brian Harris
by Ed Bottomley

(1955-67) 358 appearances, 29 goals Even when the Moores money began to buy up some of British football’s best players, the £10 signing kept his place among the “Mersey Millionaires”…read more…

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