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60 Greatest Everton Players: #38. Andrei Kanchelskis
by Ed Bottomley

52 appearances, 20 goals I remember the long drawn out process of signing Andrei Kanchelskis. It was tortuous. First beating off rivals for his signature – Middlesbrough and Liverpool were…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #39. Johnny Morrissey
by Ed Bottomley

(1962-72) 311 appearances, 50 goals “We went into Liverpool, and Bally gave me some of the best advice anyone could give. ‘Don’t take the ball of Johnny Morrissey in training.’…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #40. Andy Gray
by Ed Bottomley

(1983-85) 68 appearances, 22 goals “Goodison brought out the best in me. Everything about it – the fans, the team, the history of centre forwards – was right. It was…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #41. Brian Harris
by Ed Bottomley

(1955-67) 358 appearances, 29 goals Even when the Moores money began to buy up some of British football’s best players, the £10 signing kept his place among the “Mersey Millionaires”…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #42. Jack Sharp
by Ed Bottomley

(1900-09) 342 appearances, 80 goals Signed from Aston Villa in 1899, he was a short, stocky man described by one writer of the day as a “Pocket Hercules.” – Everton…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #43. Mikel Arteta
by Ed Bottomley

2005-2011. 162 games, 27 goals. “On the field, his talent often reminds me of The Golden Vision and off the field he has qualities similar to Alex The Great. You…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #44. Joe Mercer OBE
by Ed Bottomley

(1932-46) 184 appearances, 2 goals A league title winner at Goodison in 1938-39, Ellesmere Port born Mercer was an excellent left half and an England legend. Everton got four seasons…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #45. Cliff Britton
by Ed Bottomley

(1930-39) 240 appearances, 3 goals Everton signed Britton in 1930 from Bristol Rovers. Three years later the talented midfielder had won the FA Cup and was later to be recognized…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #46. Gary Stevens
by Ed Bottomley

293 appearances, 14 goals Pace. It was all about pace for Stevens, pace that covered cracks in his game, pace that gave him two (even three) opportunities to tackle, pace…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #47. Derek Temple
by Ed Bottomley

“I never fail to hold my breath and pray that Derek Temple will hit the target for the winning goal. He never disappoints.” – Dr. David France, OBE (1956-68) 272 appearances,…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #48. Andy King
by Ed Bottomley

(1976-80, 1982-84) 247 appearances, 68 goals An effervescent and skillful attacking force, Andy King first came to Goodison in 1976 as a £35,000 signing from Luton Town. None of his…read more…

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