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60 Greatest Everton Players: #9. T.G. Jones
by Ed Bottomley

(1940-49) 178 appearances, 5 goals “Tommy had everything. No coach could ever coach him or teach him anything. He was neater than John Charles, for instance, and could get himself out of trouble…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #10. Colin Harvey
by Ed Bottomley

(1963-75)  384 appearances, 24 goals Colin Harvey was a home-grown talent who made his debut at 18 years of age, playing against Inter in the San Siro in 1963, and…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #11. Roy Vernon
by Ed Bottomley

(1959-65) 200 appearances, 110 goals “There’s Denis Law, there’s Jimmy Greaves, and there’s me…” – Vernon, on being asked to name the top goalscorers of his generation. Cast your mind…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #12. Graeme Sharp
by Ed Bottomley

(1980-91) 432 appearances, 150 goals “Sharp! What a fantastic goal! An unbelievable finish from Graeme Sharp! And the Evertonians have gone berserk!” His Anfield goal will stay in our hearts…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #13. Bob Latchford
by Ed Bottomley

(1974-81) 289 appearances, 138 goals Big Bad Bob was England’s best centre forward during the 70’s – his thirty goals in the 1977-78 season won him £10,000 from the Daily…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #14. Romelu Lukaku
by Ed Bottomley

“I call Romelu the lawyer. He discusses everything, even his socks. It’s important that people know that because sometimes they think the younger generation doesn’t care enough.” – Thierry Henry…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #15. Peter Reid
by Ed Bottomley

(1982-89) 228 appearances, 13 goals “I played against Reidy when I was at Stoke and I thought he was a good player even then. I could see it and I…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #16. Edgar Chadwick
by Ed Bottomley

(1888-1899) 300 appearances, 110 goals A pipsqueak at 5ft 6in, Chadwick was a huge name in football. He joined Everton in the inaugural Football League season of 1888-89, and went…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #17. Howard Kendall
by Ed Bottomley

(1966-74, 1981) 274 appearances, 29 goals “I’ve had love affairs with other clubs, with Everton it’s a marriage.”  It wasn’t just Harry Catterick who was interested in signing Howard Kendall; numerous…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #18. Sandy Young
by Ed Bottomley

(1901-11) 275 appearances, 125 goals Sandy is a legend from the early 20th century and the first Toffee to score the winner in an FA Cup Final when Everton beat…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #19. Ray Wilson MBE
by Ed Bottomley

 (1964-69) 153 appearances “There wasn’t a winger who played against him who could claim to have broken even in the exchange, let alone come out on top.” – Alan Ball…read more…

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