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Reading 1-0 Everton; The Song Remains The Same
by Ed Bottomley

When David Moyes took over at Everton he instituted a simple but brilliant rule. If you play well you will stay in the team. This rule has galvanized Everton over…read more…

Tottenham 1-3 Everton: Familiarity Breeds Success
by Ed Bottomley

Tottenham 1-3 Everton IKEA is a strange place, some furniture is cheap and other items are extortionate; it is often very hard to tell which is which. As husbands sleepwalk…read more…

Everton 2-1 Wigan
by Ed Bottomley

The first game of the season is often a worrying one, with occasional thrashings dispensed, and jittery defeats a definite possibility, but this was in the end a relatively comfortable…read more…

Police & Thieves – AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool
by Ed Bottomley

AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool I have always had a soft spot for the Rossoneri, my dad and I used to watch Italian football on lazy languid Sundays – and AC…read more…

Desert Island Kicks

You’re stranded on a desert island, what footballing memories would you take with you?

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Next Fixtures

PremierLeague: Sunday 13 January (14:15); Bournemouth at Goodison

Saturday 19 January (15:00); Southampton at St Mary’s Stadium 





























Goodison Raw

Focus on the facts not the rhetoric

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