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Everton subverted by shifting priorities and exiled Distin
by Peter Bottomley

All discussion of last night’s shocking defeat in Kiev boils down to one issue; why did Roberto Martinez select Antolin Alcaraz to partner Phil Jagielka in central defence? We may…read more…

GOODISON RAW: Latest accounts put new stadium into focus
by Peter Bottomley

The latest set of annual report and accounts from Everton, published on Thursday, served to confirm how the sharp increase in TV broadcast income, which results from the Premier League’s…read more…

GOODISON RAW: Might Everton sale be closer than supposed?
by Peter Bottomley

If you’re selling something it’s always a good idea to do some prinking first; a lick of paint here, a bit of spit and polish there. Timing is important too;…read more…

GOODISON RAW: Time to follow The Old Lady?
by Peter Bottomley

We make no apology for returning to the divisive and vexed question of a new stadium: It is after all the single most significant issue facing this generation of Everton…read more…

GOODISON RAW: Empty wallet nothing new at Everton
by Peter Bottomley

Question: What do elite Kenyan distance runners, an alpine flower and Everton FC have in common? Answer: They have all had to adapt to living in harsh conditions. Kenyans, born…read more…

GOODISON RAW: Selling Jack – banking on Moyes’ judgement
by Peter Bottomley

A football club’s most valuable financial asset is its players. Some clubs are bank-rolled by American magnates, Russian oligarchs or Arab potentates and their playing squads can be strengthened at almost…read more…

GOODISON RAW: The greater the difficulty, the greater the glory
by Peter Bottomley

No one remembers a losing FA Cup finalist and even fewer remember the defeated semi-finalists. Indeed most of the football world have already moved on from Wembley last weekend; the…read more…

GOODISON RAW: Nailing another Blue Union nonsense
by Peter Bottomley

The Blue Union narrative of what is wrong at Everton tends to be long on accusations and short on facts. It’s like a laundry list of conspiracy theories. So let’s have a…read more…

GOODISON RAW: We suspect Jelavic more rapier than cudgel
by Peter Bottomley

Nikica Jelavic and Steven Pienaar are players with something to prove. For the Croatian the Premier League represents the chance to show he can score goals at the highest level.…read more…

Goodison Raw: The elephant in the room
by Peter Bottomley

In the absence of a takeover by an Indian industrialist, baseball-franchise-owning American or a Gulf state, or indeed investment of any kind, Everton better get used to being self-sufficient. In…read more…

GOODISON RAW: The Gary Speed I Knew
by Ed Bottomley

I was always a little bit too trusting as a lad, I took things at face value. I never looked between any lines. Everything was judged by its cover. My…read more…

Desert Island Kicks

You’re stranded on a desert island, what footballing memories would you take with you?

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Focus on the facts not the rhetoric

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