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60 Greatest Everton Players: #56. Alex Parker
by Ed Bottomley

Apps 219 Goals: 5 “Mrs. Shankly was keen that I got an education, and kept giving me books. I wasn’t really interested, and one day she took me out into…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #57. Jimmy Gabriel
by Ed Bottomley

Apps 301, Goals 36 “Everton is in your blood – that’s what happens when you play for them.” No matter the player, there is always one episode in their career…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #58. Andy Hinchcliffe
by Ed Bottomley

Apps 182, Goals 7 Those corners… What I’d give to have Andy Hinchcliffe taking our corners again. The grumbles that echo around Goodison when our umpteenth corner fails to beat the…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #59. Tony Kay
by Ed Bottomley

57 appearances, 4 goals “Well, I think I was harshly punished. I won only £150 from the bet, but my whole career was destroyed. They took away the game I…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #60. Duncan Ferguson
by Ed Bottomley

273 appearances, 72 goals As misunderstood as Boo Radley, as Blue as they come. Ferguson may not be the most glorious Toffee ever but peer over the journalistic wall of…read more…

Desert Island Kicks

You’re stranded on a desert island, what footballing memories would you take with you?

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Goodison Raw

Focus on the facts not the rhetoric

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