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60 Greatest Everton Players: #23. Dave Hickson
by Ed Bottomley

(1951-56, 1957-60) 243 appearances, 111 goals “I would have died for Everton. I would have broken every other bone in my body for any other club, that’s how I look…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #24. Leighton Baines
by Ed Bottomley

299 appearances, 27 goals “I think Leighton is more than a player – he is an icon.” – Roberto Martinez Don’t think Leighton Baines should be this high on the list?…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #25. Tommy Eglington
by Ed Bottomley

 (1946-57) 428 appearances, 82 goals  Eglington had the pace that launched a thousand attacks during a career that had a wingspan of more than a decade. He came across from…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #26. Fred Pickering
by Ed Bottomley

(1963-67) 115 appearances, 70 goals Fred was a beefy forward with a sensational goal to game ratio. A Catterick signing from Blackburn Rovers in 1964 for a club record £90,000,…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #27 Dave Watson
by Ed Bottomley

(1986-2001) 522 appearances, 37 goals When Howard Kendall, aware that Derek Mountfield was waning, made his move for Dave Watson the Norwich City manager Ken Brown said that selling his defender would…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #28. Trevor Steven
by Ed Bottomley

(1983-89)  283 appearances, 58 goals “One of the players that I knew straight away I would do anything to sign was Trevor Steven…He looked an Everton player, and when I…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #29. Mick Lyons
by Ed Bottomley

(1970-82)   434 appearances, 59 goals   Mick Lyons had the misfortune to play during the barren years of gradual decline at Goodison following the 1969/70 title win. Not skilful…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #30. Adrian Heath
by Ed Bottomley

(1981-89) 293 appearances, 89 goals “I looked constantly for what the paying public would consider an ‘Everton type of player’. By that I meant men who liked to go forward,…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #31. Warney Cresswell
by Ed Bottomley

(1927–36) 306 appearances, 1 goal “You cannot beat this side by charging; you can’t get near them to deliver your charge; you must apply brains, and if they beat you, well they…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #32. Bobby Collins
by Ed Bottomley

(1958-62) 147 appearances, 48 goals Collins was only 5ft 4in, his career at Everton was only four years, and yet he made a lasting impression. An inside forward with amazing…read more…

60 Greatest Everton Players: #33. Derek Mountfield
by Ed Bottomley

(1982-88) 148 appearances, 24 goals “…he scored an incredible amount of goals. He was a bit like John Hurst – a magnet – or years later, Joleon Lescott.” – Howard Kendall…read more…

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