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Silva Out!?
by Ed Bottomley

Unbelievably (or perhaps – given the perma panic of some blues – completely believably) the panicked “what ifs”, shallow staccato breaths, bulging bovine eyes, and jerking knees have already started. “Silva Out” is seriously coming out of people’s mouths, and being hammered into Twitter as we speak – despite the fact that the Portuguese only just got here…

No. Marco Silva is not going anywhere.

Have we all forgotten the complete calamity of last year? Possibly spurred on by jerky blue knees and twitchy Twitter fingers, our leader Farhad Moshiri fired Koeman, wanted Silva, but had to settle for Big Sam. The worst possible person to babysit our side. In the video games world he’d be a button basher, someone who picks up that Playstation controller and instead of learning how to play, relentlessly bashes every button to the point of carpal tunnel in the hope of vanquishing his foe through sheer belligerence. Big Sam, we were soon to discover, called this “mastery”…

Like every highly evolved toxic being bent on destruction, Big Sam has a foolproof method to ensure he lives on. Ridley Scott’s aliens leap out of their eggs and latch on to peoples faces, only to later explode out of their stomachs in a frenzy of blood and fear. Big Sam sails through the wilderness, waiting for a desperate new club to infect. His media cheerleaders help, but what he did at Everton was self serving, short term , and devoid of anything that would excite fans, or even raise pulses. Yes, we finished 7th, but at the price of not actually playing football. His cloven hoofball left fans comatose, and was right at the bottom of the table in terms of attacking stats.

Look what he did to Michael Keane – a husk of a player seemingly capable of only making mistakes. Most of us were scared witless by the idea of Keane at the back this season. But Marco Silva has coached him and encouraged him back to solid form.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Everton should be?

Not that everything is rosy at Goodison right now, far from it. This festive period, where games come thick and fast, has not been good to us. The losses are rattling up, and in quick succession. Add to that a fanbase that seems to swing violently from overexcited to terminal, a Liverpool side sitting unbeaten atop the league, and a new manager with only one transfer window under his belt, and you have a powder keg of disappointment.

Yes, football *is* a results business, but we don’t just gape in front of Ceefax to see results. We view results in context. Take a brand new manager, a tonne of new players, and equally large amount of injuries, some Allardyce long ballery which needs to be coached out of the players, AND sprinkle in some improved performances against the big boys (vs Arsenal, their keeper was motm, vs Utd they got a dodgy penalty, vs Liverpool we turned in arguably the best performance by an away side at Anfield this season) – and you have enough evidence to wipe the brine from your frothy mouths, becalm your jerking knees, and step down from the ledge.

Take that sandwich board off and stop screaming on the street corner. The end isn’t nigh. And Marco isn’t going anywhere…

Written by Ed Bottomley

Everton fan exiled in Michigan. Duncan Ferguson obsessive, history buff, optimist. Follow me on Twitter @Dixies60


While agreeing that the last thing we need is a knee jerk response from the Board, that doesn’t take away the right of fans to express concerns and yes to be critical of the manager. My main criticism of the Festive season is that Marco has just not managed the squad properly. The prime example is Gomez whose performances have declined incrementally highlighting he has been overplayed.Davies had one start against Spurs and surprise surprise he didn’t perform (none of them did). Baines, Tosun and Schneidlin have hardly featured.Lookman has allegedly been injured but would he have started even if he wasn’t?
What I fear now is that we will make wholesale changes for the forthcoming Cup game bringing in half a dozen players who have no match fitness leading to an embarrassing defeat.
Marco does really need to get a grip

by Brian Ronson on Jan 2, 2019 at 6:39 pm

I’m a season ticket holder and I now the players we’ve got are Shite, like Keane,Walcott,Tosun,Davies, Calvert Llewellyn and Kenny but it is the way Silva plays, its across back four , right or left usually up to midfield passed to right or left back ,then back up one of the wings then crossed in , a good manager attacks from anywhere any how, Teams an defenders have us figured out,an that’s why he managed Watford an won nothing!!.

by Chris on Jan 2, 2019 at 7:22 pm

We are too slow and ponderous in possession. We lack incisiveness, a cutting edge and a genuine goal threat. What we are therefore left with is a slow build up, teams are able to get men behind the ball and we are invariably exposed on numerous occasions to the counter attack. It’s a similar style to that employed by Martinez – hence the comparison and the recent collapse in form and confidence.

by Peter Laing on Jan 2, 2019 at 7:37 pm

Your assessment is dead on. That said, I will confess that I’m beginning to worry about Silva. I say that for three reasons. First, Silva did not have a good track record before coming here. The premise beneath his hiring was that with a big budget and his attack-minded approach, good things would come. And despite having what is arguably the 7th best best roster in the league, we find ourselves bottom half of the table AND going backwards. Two, he seems to see what he wants to see. Despite good results in Turkey, in Champions League play, and even under the rudderless Allardyce regime, Tosun has been all been banished. Why? Seemingly so we can get Bernard on the pitch. We’ve even forced our best player into a position he’s clearly not cut out for, just to get Bernard on the field. And what has Bernard done? Zero goals in 11 matches. Yes, he occasionally makes a breathtaking move, but it never leads anywhere. Which leads to three, tactics. His tactics have been all over the place. I’ll give him some slack here, as he’s still figuring out his roster. But what is clear is that we cross the ball into the box more than any other team. This makes the absence of a big-bodied #9 like Tosun or DCL all the more puzzling.

by Greg on Jan 2, 2019 at 8:00 pm

Silva has been here 5 months, granted he has brought in some players of his choice but it does not take 5 months to build a team, look across Stanley park how long has Klopp been there. People need time to build there OWN team and then be judged after 5 seasons not 5 moths. Give Silva a break because all your short memory toffees are doing is heaping unwanted pressure on players and management. I want to win everything there is to win like in the 80’s but a manager needs time like Howard Kendall remember Oxford!!!!. What would have happened if we had not got a result there !!!?TIME IS NEEDED

by Paul Baker on Jan 2, 2019 at 9:23 pm

Paul Baker, hear hear, I second that

by Howard Kynaston on Jan 3, 2019 at 12:42 am

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