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60 Greatest Everton Players: #6. Kevin Ratcliffe
by Ed Bottomley

472 appearances, 2 goals

 In American sport-speak, Ratcliffe is the “most winningest” Everton captain ever and he won two league championships, an FA Cup, and the European Cup Winners’ Cup for the Blues. The Welshman initially played in a variety of roles, and it wasn’t until he was moved to centre half that he really excelled. Ratcliffe was blessed with pace and an exquisite reading of the game, and above all he was a born leader, becoming captain at 23 and the youngest man to receive the FA Cup since Bobby Moore. His name comfortably sits amongst the best British defenders of all time and he’ll forever be remembered for his tackle on Kogl in the blood-curdling Bayern Munich game at Goodison which crunched like credit, and still echoes around Goodison to this day.

Written by Ed Bottomley

Everton fan exiled in Michigan. Duncan Ferguson obsessive, history buff, optimist. Follow me on Twitter @DixiesSixty

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