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Hey Reds butt out! – Everton proudly hold the title ‘Crisis Club’
by Peter Bottomley

Hang on a minute, we thought it was Everton who were in crisis, with £50m of debt, an old stadium, owners who aren’t billionaires and recently knocked out of the FA Cup by their well-heeled neighbours. Liverpool, with their savvy American proprietors with oodles of cash and vast experience in running the huge sports franchise that is the Boston Red Sox, were home and dry. But maybe FSG have bitten off a tad more than they expected. John W Henry may have pleased his statuesque young wife by acquiring the Reds, but the tab is starting to mount. An eye-watering £110m in summer spending bought them eighth spot in the league and left only the legacy of a huge wage bill with no Champions League football to support it, while the cost of the stalled stadium has spiralled through £500m (that’s half a billion folks) – that’s quid not greenbacks – and Dalglish was back in Boston asking for more.

And now they fire their third manager in a couple of seasons. John W Henry is showing that he has that deadly, University of California acquired, combination of management skills – he is incompetent AND ruthless.

This all puts Everton’s search for new owners or substantial equity investment in perspective and confirms what many are saying: Be very, very, careful what you wish for; to the list of inept football club owners which currently includes Randy Lerner, Venky’s, the Glazers, Hicks & Gillette, David Murray, Craig White and Sacha Gaydamak can now be added Fenway Sports Group and their principal John W Henry II.

Written by Peter Bottomley

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Do you know I usually like to rise above petty smugness (and we did finish seventh which is, as DM puts it, not something to celebrate) but I can’t help but feel a little bit happier seeing that even £100 million isn’t a guarantee of anything. It almost makes me hope we can’t find a sugar daddy for the club, almost.

by Rsrd on May 16, 2012 at 6:11 pm

It seems some Evertonians never learn. Regardless of how bad it seems with our neighbors we always end up in a worse state, fact! Liver pools board have already promised the future manager funds for next season, something Moyes could only dream about, by the way, and frankly if they get the right man then they will get CL football. As for being careful about what we wish for, what? An honest competent board who actually try to provide funds for a manager doing his very best to give us another crack at European football? We won’t even be able to fund the signing of Peinnar this summer without selling first, disgraceful and the board have still not bothered to inform the fans how much of the sales from the Peinnar, Yakubu, Vaughn, Arteta and Bellefield actually went off the debt.

by Gareth Fieldstead on May 17, 2012 at 6:39 am

Gareth you have to be very careful when you state something or imply something as being FACT. Nobody and, unless your dad is on the board, that includes you, has any idea what liverpools board have promised whatever manager they choose to appoint in terms of spending. It is a matter of deep regret that at the current levels of players wages standard business plans are thrown out of the window and outgoings are ridiculously skewed. The business that is Everton Football club has to survive and if that means reducing our debt then it has to be. There is no use wishing that it isn’t so. If you imagine Adam, Henderson, Skirtl, Shelvey, Coates and Carroll and aging Gerrard, Kuyt, Bellamy and Carragher will get Liverpool into the Champions League you are in cloud cuckoo land.

by Phil Quilliam on May 17, 2012 at 2:06 pm

Sorry Phil but are you talking about smug Evertonians revelling in Liverpools financial woes whilst under the ownership of Hicks and co when our beloved chairman then admitted we have been close to administration on three occasions and Moyes would have to sell just to keep the banks from foreclosing on us last season? Or when the chairman and his sycophants got into a self righteous strop when the Echo stated Moyes had to sell Arteta and that the manager wouldn’t see a penny of the sale, or when the paper was right all along and the board still haven’t apologized for misleading the fans? As for your remarks on Liverpool I was stating the obvious that no matter what is going on over there we will still manage to end up in a worse state. As for your prediction that they will not achieve CL football with that squad, let’s wait and see. By the way I have never been to cloud cuckoo land, can you tell me were it is?

by Gareth Fieldstead on May 18, 2012 at 1:58 pm

Gareth Regarding cloud cuckoo land – you can move in next to me because I am there – sticking to my belief that we will rise again and become a major club challenging for the top prize. I just don’t think we will do it by relying on some as yet unknown third party shovelling vast amounts of money our way and by the way I don’t think FSG will do that for Liverpool either. As I write this Brendan Rodgers has turned down the chance to talk to them let’s hope Martinez turns them down as well and they end up hawking their sorry arses around Europe trying to find someone who will have the poisoned chalice of following KD. To be honest with I am fairly smug about Liverpools problems and what’s more I hope they get worse (my dad who was a liverpool season ticket holder in the, then new, Kemlyn Road stand will be turning in his grave at my words).

by Phil Quilliam on May 19, 2012 at 10:11 am

Good argument this, no not between Gareth and Phil but by Peter whether Everton should be thankful for Billy thespian Kenwright. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and when clubs like Everton are in the mire it’s easy to take the money and run regardless whether the broker is crocked or not. Looking around Europe it seems the more successful takeovers have happened under the hands of Arab and Russian backers, where the worst easily are from the United States (insert Villa, RS, Manure, etc). Portsmouth were a concoction of dodgy Israelis, dirty ‘arry and Milan Manderic so that’s unique and thankfully so. However should we the fans really be thankful towards Kenwright, the proven liar and inept business man? It’s a personal answer for every Evertonian to answer, but in many ways with so many sharks (especially is the U.S seemingly) around it’s better the devil you know. BUT I do want an serious Arab or Russian with serious money to takeover asap, whether Billy seriously wants to let go of Everton is a totally different matter, just ask the Gregg’s!

by CaptainFerguson10 on May 19, 2012 at 6:09 pm

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