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Desert Island Kicks: Lukey Moore
by Ed Bottomley

“Desert Island Kicks” is a pale imitation of the legendary “Desert Island Discs” format. I’m looking to nab answers from footie fans from all corners of the globe and all walks of life.

You’re stranded on a desert island, what footballing memories would you take with you? I want you to pick a game, shirt, goal, player and piece of turf from a stadium to take with you to a desert island, oh and you’re allowed one luxury too.

Next up on Desert Island Kicks is The Football Ramble’s esteemed Lukey Moore who you can follow on Twitter right here.

GAME: We’ll allow you to take the recording of one game of your choice.

I would have to go for England-Cameroon in the quarter final of World Cup ’90. It had everything: Roger Milla, Paul Gascoigne, comebacks on top of comebacks etc. I’ve not tired of watching it so far, 20-odd years on, so I doubt I ever will. Also, it went to Extra Time, so there’s another half hour of entertainment, which will be at a premium on a Desert Island.

SHIRT: Choose wisely, the vomitty old Arsenal away kit might attract wasps.

I am a bit concerned about how sweaty I am going to get knocking about a desert island in a football shirt. I will probably take it off and just hang it up somewhere to look at. And for that reason, I am going for the Portsmouth 1991/92 Goodmans-sponsored kit, made by Influence. I can just see Darren Anderton in it now, swanning around, gliding across the pitch. It has so many memories for me, I think it’d be a nice thing to have around.

If I can’t have that one, I’ll have an XL sized Jorge Campos Mexico keeper’s kit. It’ll attract the attention of passing ships and might get me rescued.

GOAL: Same as the game basically

This is a tough one. My favourite goal is probably the Van Basten in the Euro ’88 Final, I admire the technique and execution, as well as the occasion. But it’s quite a short goal, I mean it’s over in the blink of an eye. If I am going to watch it over and over again I’m going to get bored quickly. To that end, I’ll go for George Weah’s for Milan when he ran the length of the pitch. There’s loads to look at, and it was a beauty.

PLAYER: We’re not as harsh as DID, you can share the island with a player (and we allow ghosts). Hint: Edmundo could be a good hunter, Yakubu could make a good raft, and Leo Messi would be great at shinning up coconut trees.

I am tempted to go for someone that I know would be really practical and tough, like Roy Keane, but that would be suicide. He would simple kill me as soon as the food ran out. And I’m not going for someone mental like Edmundo or Jens Lehmann as it would get tedious. I’ll go for Beckham. He’s one of my favourite players, is nice to look at, polite and hard working. He’s got it all. Quite what he’d make of being stuck on a desert island with me is anyone’s guess.

PIECE OF TURF: eg. “The Euro ’96 penalty spot that Gareth Southgate missed from, so I can practice taking pens…successfully” (ED: And yes, of all the questions, this is by far the most ridiculous as turf wouldn’t last long on a desert island…)

I’ll have the entire old-Wembley pitch as a piece of turf. It has loads of history and tradition and if it’s that big it’ll make a great shelter.

LUXURY: eg. A Mitre Fluo Flare …OR… Floodlights …OR… A ghillie suit in Everton colours

If I have to have a football related luxury, then I’ll just have an endless supply of footballs. Becks and I can make a goal out of some coconut trees, and take turns in goal. In fact, he can go in goal all the time as I’ll get bored with him smashing goals past me. Knocking about on a desert island playing football with D-Beck wouldn’t be that bad. I actually quite fancy it.

Written by Ed Bottomley

Everton fan exiled in Michigan. Duncan Ferguson obsessive, history buff, optimist. Follow me on Twitter @Dixies60

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